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Christmas Indulgence

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So you work hard all year and now you're contemplating gifts for everyone else when suddenly you realise, ‘What the heck, I fancy a rather nice bottle [or two] just for me!’ Well we’re here to help….so let’s take a little look at some great wines to enjoy over Christmas and New Year.

Our guide below can of course be supplemented and we’re happy to answer any queries so feel free to drop us a line:

Festive Fizz

Why not start the day with a lovely ‘pop’ and celebrate with a glass of something sparkling. If you’re after a fun, easy-drinking lightly sparkling wine, then take a look at Sacchetto Pinot Blush Spumante NV  £10.40

Next is a perfectly delicious Prosecco from the first sparkling wine producers in Italy, no wonder it’s a winner £11.49

The most classic and traditional of sparkling wines is of course, Champagne, and this is a definite favourite amongst our Wine Therapists. Celebration and decadence go hand in hand and this Champagne Moutard Brut Grande Cuvee is the perfect compliment £24.49

Moutard also have some great  vines in Burgundy and make a sparkling Cremant from the same grape varieties, producing a fabulous alternative to Champagne at a modest price £15.49

Best of British - we have stock of the Gold winning sparkling Cuvée from Furleigh Estate in Dorset. They are the only vineyard in Britain to win this prestigious award - a competition judged by the French! £25.50

Christmas Cooking

Either you love cooking or not, however a little help choosing the wines to go with your meals should make life a bit easier!


Lovely, elegant and fresh whites are perfect to balance the flavour of salmon.

I've chosen Sauvignon Blanc since it goes so well with most fish and especially salmon. The wines shortlisted are from both ‘Old’ & ‘New’ World regions and demonstrate just how diverse in flavours Sauvignon Blanc can be.

The home of Sauvignon Blanc is Bordeaux, however I’ve chosen wines from the Loire with its 630 mile long river, rich in different species of fish. No doubt the rare Loire Salmon is one the French would choose as a centre piece for their banquets - enjoyed of course with plenty of white wine!

Sancerre,  Pouilly Fume and Touraine are wines known worldwide but ours are from smaller vineyards who supply mostly to restaurants in Paris, and a couple of cases to me! The wines are classic in style and will go hand in hand with your salmon.

Andre Dezat et Fils Sancerre 2010 £15.50

Domaine Thibault Pouilly Fume 2010 £15.50

Chateau de la Presle Touraine 2011 £10.50

The ‘New’ World Sauvignon Blancs I’m suggesting come in two styles. Carmen Reserva is from the foothills of the Andes and offers a lovely elegant approach for those who prefer to sip and enjoy their wines with soft freshness.

Carmen Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2012 £8.60

Meanwhile the vineyards of New Zealand, reflect a more ‘tropical’ style of Sauvignon Blanc with aromas and flavours that may make you wish you’re having Christmas somewhere hot!

Faultline Sauvignon Blanc 2011 £8.66

An alternative to Sauvignon Blanc is a Spanish albarino offering a zesty, aromatic style of wine laden with Latin flair. This one's a Gold medal winner too!

Algareiro Albarino 2011 £12.95


With a fine array of flavours surrounding the Christmas turkey - sauces, gravy and stuffing, you'll need wines of character and depth to happily share centre stage.

If you like a fuller bodied red then consider these two choices:

Domaine La Soumade Rasteau 2009 £14.99

Berton Vinyards Barossa Shiraz Reserve £10.37

Whites that are fresh and exciting and will enhance the flavour of turkey are:

Panamera Chardonnay 2010 £10.50

Finca La Emperatris Viura Cepas Viejas 2008 £16.99


Goose is a popular alternative to turkey at Christmas tables, although being a fattier meat, wines have to be carefully considered and the ones below would be my top choices:

Domaine Digioia Royer Borgogne 2008 £13.50

Wairau River Pinot Noir 2009 £13.95

Comte de Monspey Cuvee du Commandeaur Brouilly 2009 £14.40


If you’re having game this Christmas then you’ll need a full-flavoured red to match the gamey richness associated with these birds, so spoil yourselves with these choices:

Fontanario de Pegoes Palmela D.O. 2009 £8.42

Biberius Ribera Del Duero 2011 £9.99

Bodegas Amezola De La Mora Crianza 2006 £13.80

If you still have room for something sweet then let’s dive into some delicious dessert wines to go with your Christmas puddings:

Quandy Elysium Black Muscat 2010 37.5cl £9.99 

Chateau de Cerons 1998 37.5cl £10.99

Barros LBV Port 2006 £17.20


For those who like to finish their meal with an assortment of cheeses you can’t go wrong with a good Port. This one is in our tasting machines and goes so well with blue cheeses.

Barros Colheita 1996 Port £24.40 

I certainly hope that’s helped wine pairing your Christmas & New Year meals. Bear in mind these are just a few suggestions and our full list is pretty extensive so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch: