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“I make wine at Lafite and Latour, but my heart is at Calon.”

Calon pic

Nicolas-Alexandre, Marquis de Ségur (1697-1755)

Fifty-five hectares (136 acres) at the time of the 1855 Classification, fifty-five hectares today: the estate is a rare example of consistencey of terroir over the centuries. The vineyard is made up of one single block adjacent to the village of Saint-Estephe. Unique in the Medoc, it is completely surrounded by a stone wall. Inside, closest to the Chateau, this 'enclos' groups together the most famous plots of Calon.

There are very few geological models that can be compared with the terroir of Calon Segur. The vines delve down into a deep gravel layer which was deposited there by the river. This layer covers another which is predominantly clay. This combination of clay and gravel soils is one of the main reasons for the power and finesse displayed in the wines of Calon Segur.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the backbone of Calon Segur, this grape variety makes up over three-quarters of the blend, and in great years its proportion can be as high as 90%. No great wine can ever be made without constant and meticulous care of the vines – the soils are ploughed in time-honoured tradition. From spring to autumn, vine canopy management tasks are done by large numbers of vineyard personnel. The crop is picked by hand at perfect ripeness.