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Spotlight on Alain Brumont

brumont final

With critical acclaim from many, Alain Brumont is carving a mighty name for himself and his wines down in the South West of France. A winemaker to behold, Brumont does things distinctively ‘his way’ with wines which stand out as testament to his detail and vision.

We have just taken stock of Brumont’s ‘Tannat-Merlot’ and his ‘Gros Menseng-Sauvignon’, both incredibly distinctive and rewarding wines to try. If you find yourself enjoying these then we’d suggest you move on to Alain’s world famous ‘Boucasse’ - smooth, rich, soft and sensual while his ‘Montus’ is dense, structured, authoritative and worthy. We plan to showcase all of the above in time for Round The Island at the end of the month so if you didn’t already have an excuse to visit us then here’s an opportunity not to be missed!